Sylvia Plath

One of my greatest influences is a woman called Sylvia Plath and before you cry but she killed herself didn’t she or like my psych you aren’t modelling yourself on her are you? She was more than just her death and deserves to be remembered as an incredible poet, a founder of confessional poetry, a mother and ultimately an incredible woman. Honestly I don’t know why her poetry hit me with such an intensity. I think we share common experiences and when introduced to the mirror at 16 it hit me on a deeper level than most of my class mates. I have to thank my wonderful english teacher for giving me such a love of poetry and english literature but it was during my private tutition sessions that the magic happened. I went home and started to write and realised that I had a gift too. The more i wrote the more I explored confessional poetry and early/mid twentieth century literature.

I first read the bell jar at 9 years old and i didn’t understand it, I reread it at 16 and by god I wish I hadn’t got to point where I could understand it… I picked it up again last week and it seems a lot less dark than when I last read it. I don’t know if that is because I’ve faced my own demons recently, my main emotion from it was compassion. Compassion with those who were put through electric shock therapy or had brain surgery to try and cure of them their mental health conditions. In the early 20th century it really was all in your head and if you suffered from depression, anxiety, ptsd, bipolar you were put through hellish treatments until you learned to hide your suffering or had it removed from you by surgical force.

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