Blogging about mental health.

So I’m going to put my big girl pants on now and talk about mental health. As much as we try, blogging or even talking about mental health issues is still a massive taboo. Talking about it has actually stopped me from sharing this blog for so long because I’m scared people will judge me for it and I think that’s a fear most people have. And it’s wrong! It’s so wrong! my diagnosis shouldn’t be a barrier to what I can achieve in my life it just means I have to learn to live my life in a different way. Without my diagnosis I was lost, frightened but aware that something was wrong with me but I judged myself and thought I could control it myself. I couldn’t and that led to a series of self destructive events that definitely caused more damage than the day I got my diagnosis. Now I know what is wrong I can live with and work with my disorder I’m no longer in the dark and noone should be. I’m changing my life and I’m not afraid anymore and that’s the way it should be for everyone.

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