What If?

So this is a very strange place to be writing a blog post this morning, I’m actually in a swimming pool changing rooms but the words came to me. So let’s call this post what if. What if Sylvia Plath had never decided to write poetry? Picasso had never picked up a brush? and Jack Keroauc had never gotten in that car? What if Gaudi had never dreamed of the sagrada? You get the point we are surrounded by wonders, literature and art from people who never dreamed of not trying due to what if i fail? I was speaking to a good friend this morning about how her life had changed since she starting living with my mentality and ultimately she wants more from life and a man. Too many of us sit on the fence asking what if? What if I fail? What if I don’t find the love of my life? What if I get hurt? We are all guilty of it in some way or another. We spend our lives not asking the right questions and not seeking the right answers. What if I fail? You can’t truly fail unless you give up or don’t try in the first place. You can’t win that competition unless you enter right? Well life is like that, it’s a big competition and sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but we can’t stop playing the game because we are scared of entering. I’ve failed in the eyes of society many times, I went to university for a graphic design course saying what if this makes me money in the end? It wasn’t the right question and nor did I get the right answer. I dropped out, according to society I failed. I started again picked myself back up got a 25k job and tried to make travelling my what if? What if I can earn enough money here to go travelling round the world? That nearly failed too, I leave in 11 days with not nearly as much money as I hoped for in my pocket and having made myself very ill. But I haven’t given up, I might end up broke and on the other side of the world but fear won’t paralyse me. You may never find the love of your life, you might never have enough money, your business might not make money but how can you know unless you stop and ask what can I achieve? not what if I fail? I personally believe everyone has their own special gift and too many people ignore them and forget to be extraordinary and settle for normality. In the last two weeks I’ve swum in the moonlight, walked on a beach at low tide, had a stare out with an octopus, seen London lit up from the top of the London eye, next week im off to play in a ball pit. So what can you do today that will make you silence the fear of failure and make you achieve something extraordinary?

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