Bucket List.

Bucket list:
1) Isle d’Ouessant, France
2) Witness Orca in the wild
3) Go snowboarding
4) Moulin Rouge
5) Go to Boston MA
6) Wild swim
7) Go to the house of dreams, London
8) Learn to surf
9) Move into my own flat alone
10) Reach 10 stone
11) See a sunrise in Gisborne
12) Start my own business
13) Grand Canyon
14) Go ice skating in Canary Wharf
15) Fall in love
16) Travel the world with another person
17) Travel the world solo (achieved 28/12/2016)
18) Visit Sylvia Plath’s grave
19) Learn a new language
20) Go to Scotland
21) Go to Ireland
22) Giant’s Causeway
23) Surf city ballroom and the field where music died
24) Learn to computer code
25) Go to Aberdeen Seattle
26) Follow Jack Kerouac’s journey across America
27) Have a successful blog
28) War tunnels under the white cliffs of Dover
29) Go backpacking
30) Learn to drive
31) Pacific highway
32) Kerouac park
33) Stretch my ears up to 20mm
34) Get a tattoo sleeve
35) Get a Sylvia Plath quote tattooed on me
36) Get my lip piercings replaced
37) Visit San Francisco
38) Ride the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge railway, USA
39) Live in an artist’s flat in San Francisco
40) Route 66 in an old ford mustang
41) Blue ridge parkway, USA
42) Spend a year in a campervan across Europe
43) Sleep in a strange place: castle, tree house, lighthouse etc.
44) Spend an afternoon kayaking around the Croatian coast
45) Go island hopping
46) Skim a stone on a great North American lake
47) Live in Brighton for a year
48) Open my own cafe
49) Spend a year working abroad in Canada
50) Spend a year working abroad in New Zealand
51) Spend a year working abroad in Australia
52) Rent a bike in Amsterdam
53) Anne Frank Museum
54) Visit a vineyard
55) Take a boat to Fingal’s cave in Scotland
56) Go to the Up Helly Aa festival in the outer Hebrides
57) Tour of the Jack Daniels factory
58) Experience country music in Nashville TN
59) Walk across Gran Canaria
60) Visit alderney
61) Take a professional photography course
62) Spend a week travelling the Whitsundays
63) Swim with dolphins in the wild
64) Walk and cycle the welsh coastal path
65) Finish a university degree
66) Visit the portrait of Guernica
67) Learn to drive
68) See a ghost orchid at the museum of Wales, Cardiff
69) Learn to play guitar
70) Cure my stage fright
71) Kayak the channel islands
72) Noosa beach, Australia
73) San Sebastian, Spain
74) Take an urban hike
75) Sydney, Australia, urban coastline walk
76) Berlin wall trail
77) Follow the fairytale route through the black forest
78) Shenandoah national park, USA
79) Stargaze at Galloway national forest park, Scotland
80) Fly over the Mundi Man, Aus.
81) Witness a rugby match, NZ and Aus.
82) Carnivale, Venice
83) Honeymoon at the caves in Jamaica
84) Everlong acoustic as my first dance if I ever get married.
85) Take a flying lesson
86) Green man festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales.
87) Burning man festival
88) Village Halloween parade, NY, USA
89) Take part in an organised run at night
90) Take part in a moonlit cycle trip.
91) Move to Manchester, England
92) Visit Yosemite
93) Find a hidden underground station, London
94) Midnight swim
95) Go skinny dipping
96) visit the late night swimming pool, France
97) Take a cultural/ professional cooking lesson
98) Wellington Zoo, New Zealand
99) Visit Dracula’s castle
100) Sleep in an ice hotel
101) See the northern lights
102) See the southern lights
103) Walk with wolves in Norway
104) Smoke cannabis legally
105) Learn to pole dance
106) Watch/Perform burlesque
107) Visit Viper room LA
108) Go on an open house tour in a major city
109) See the Hollywood sign
110) Walk of fame, LA
111) Venice and the skatepark
112) Tapas Brindisa, London
113) The book club London
114) Watch a sunset at the arches national park UTAH.
115) Rainbow Falls, New Zealand
116) Lower Ddwli Falls, Wales
117) Learn to surf in Raglan, New Zealand
118) Watch the leaves change in New England USA
119) Watch a sunset and sunrise with another person
120) Visit Dublin Ireland
121) Rent rollerblades in Venice Beach
122) Spend new year in a different country
123) Find a different career path
124) Hadrian’s wall
125) Get fit and tone up
126) Swim in a hot spring
127) Unplug for 48 hours
128) Get 5 tattoos
129) Swim in the great barrier reef
130) Visit Sydney, Aus.
131) Go to warped tour in the US.
132) La Tomatina
133) Swim in an infinity pool
134) Fly first/business class
135) Mount Rushmore
136) Cross the intersection at Abbey Road
137) Swim with sea turtles
138) Go to a floating lantern festival
139) Camp on the beach
140) Sleep under the stars
141) Ice skate in New York
142) Spend a Christmas/new year in New York
143) Have a spa day
144) Walk through caves
145) Have a campfire on the beach
146) Learn how to sail
147) Swing from a rope into a lake
148) Ride a cable car in San Francisco
149) Visit Stonehenge
150) Visit Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
151) Whale Watching
152) Visit the Wizarding world of Harry Potter
153) Go to all the Harry Potter locations
154) Dubrovnik
155) Watch baby turtles hatch and run to the ocean
156) Spend a month in Italy
157) Stand in a prison cell in Alcatraz
158) Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
159) Pompeii and Herculaneum
160) Purchase my first home/base
161) Glow worm caves, New Zealand
162) Play messy twister
163) Sand boarding, Cape Reinga.
164) Picnic in the park
165) Explore Paris on foot
166) Azores Portugal
167) Go to bounce below, North Wales
168) Poison Garden, Alnwick

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