We all make mistakes it’s how we deal with them that counts. I’ve made plenty since I started travelling long term three weeks ago but hopefully my mistakes can help someone else.

Number 1: I bought too much stuff. I have a 46l rucksack and the first thing I did was buy more t shirts. I thought that by packing for 10 days I was being clever, have I worn half the t shirts I bought from home, have I heck? Next time bring maximum 5 or 3 and I will end up buying them abroad. I also deeply regret not bringing a small suitcase as it was the first thing I bought when I got to Auckland I could have saved $30.

Number 2: UK sunscreen doesn’t work in New Zealand. The ozone layer here is the weakest on the planet which means that if you want to protect yourself fully from the sun buy a sun screen made in New Zealand. I wore a international factor 50+ and I’m still peeling.

Number 3: Money, always bring double what you think you are going to need. I didn’t and California nearly destroyed my bank account and New Zealand isn’t cheap either so currently I’m in a situation where my parents are going to have to help me until I can get back to the big city and work

Number 4: Don’t buy the job search crap and bus pass at home. I did and I deeply regret it, so far they’ve given me a SIM card I listened to a fellower traveller and found myself a better deal. Opened me a bank account, once again found myself a better deal. The only useful thing they’ve done so far for me is give me a form for the tax number I could have done myself and look through my c.v. I paid £150 for this service and it’s not really been worth it at all. Also the kiwi experience is great if you want to stay in their hostels and stick to their timetables but I am currently only using it as a bus service you can jump on and off. Seems pretty steep for £759 and if it’s summer they can’t even guarantee you a seat. I’ve paid a lot of money to do things my way. Best advice save your money and sort it when you get here.

Number 5: Book 2/3 days at a time not more than 5 as if you want to stay you can always book more however if you want to leave you are tied in until the end of what you’ve paid for.

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