So for the last few weeks I’ve been beating myself up about money. I know, I came out here with too little cash. I’ve made some big mistakes but I’ve learnt some great lessons. The first is lock your food away! Not everyone can be trusted and with thousands of people around every day you need a lock. I now find myself sitting in Auckland airport at 3am waiting for my flight to check in and I see how much I’ve learnt and grown in the last 6 weeks. When I came to Auckland I was a heartbroken trodden down mess completely in love with a girl who didn’t want me and didn’t respect me. That still stings but I’m glad she didn’t want me or I might have stayed home. I’ve learnt and done so much in the last 6 weeks it’s unreal. I’ve climbed a volcano, trekked across an island in flip flops, been to a gay bar, worked at a major gig and just lived. I’ve made some amazing friends and I’m proud to say that no matter how much I ended up hating Auckland. in the end it became the city that taught me so much and I’m actually quite sad to be leaving it. Tomorrow I land in Sydney and I start all over again but with the lessons I’ve already learnt in my head, a job interview in advance, my RSA license already in place and full of confidence. When I landed in Auckland I was scared to walk into a bar and ask for a job by the end of my 2nd week of job hunting I’d got so used to it. Goodbye Auckland and a big hello to Sydney and all the lessons it’s got for me 🙂

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