Things people don’t tell you about blogs. 

When I started the alternative attic I expected it to be like everything else I’ve done in my life, be fun for the first thirty seconds and then I’d loose interest and fly off somewhere else. Instead it’s grown into something I’m very proud of and this is probably the longest I’ve ever committed myself to something. There are lots of things people didn’t tell me or warn me about when I started this journey!

1) Keeping a blog going and updated is a full time job, you will spend more time on it than you would in an office. You will spend hours lying on hostel bedroom floors writing the numbers of all the photos you need to upload on to it. You will put in hours and hours of work and barely realise you are doing it as it becomes part of your story. I have spent sleepless nights worrying about how to upload the next post or if I’m good enough to make this work.

2) You will not get rich quick! Don’t we all dream of being the next big blogger or Instagrammer. Honestly it will not happen overnight and even then with a lot of hard work I get excited if I see 50 pages view a day. I am now putting more effort into getting the Alternative Attic known to more people. I didn’t start this journey to get rich, I just needed an outlet for my work.

3) You will go to new places and do new things you never considered before because you need new material for your blog. I have and do spend endless hours seeking out weird and wonderful places to visit to put on the Alternative Attic and I’ve done some incredible things because it’s given me that kick to go to that graveyard/museum/part of the city I wouldn’t have done before.

4) It improves your confidence in yourself and your art. I will now happily tell people I am a graphic designer and a photographer and point them to my blog for proof. Because of this new found confidence I am now attending courses in how to run my own business and how to build the alternative attic into something more.

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