Societal Patterns discussion. 

Hi All,

An interesting question for you guys today. Do you think that being forced into societal patterns is affecting our brains? Patterns that we would have never been expected to live in previously. For example working the 9-5 is a very modern concept, it’s only been around about 200 years.

Fitting into the acceptable working week actually goes against our circadian rhythms. Have you ever woken up so tired one day that you feel like your body is crying out for more sleep? Well maybe it is? The 21st century is a sleep deficit society, we are glued to our technology, we work hard and some of us play hard. We ignore what our bodies are telling us 90% of the time until we retire and then suddenly we stop. The interesting question is what is the lifestyle doing to us and to our minds? Are more people being diagnosed with mental illnesses than before because of this or is it some other reason?

Let’s compare it to the way we’ve been fed lies about how our eating habits affect our bodies shall we. In 1980 we were told GIVE UP ALL FAT! Bad fats, good fats, everyone is getting bigger and bigger and if we don’t stop everyone will die. Actually in the last 40 odd years everyone has got bigger, the rates of heart disease and stroke have doubled and more people are dying from obesity related diseases than ever before. We now know that sugar and a mass change of the intake of carbohydrates was to blame. So effectively for the last 40 years we’ve been lied too and have been lying to ourselves. Is it possible that we’ve also ignored how much stress an office job could put on our bodies and our minds?

Another interesting thought is if there’s something in our DNA that means some of us suffer more than others trying to fit into the office pattern. I’m not saying everyone should just up and quit their office jobs, I’m asking if some of us just weren’t simply built for it? My own personal experience is that I can work within this pattern for about 3 months maximum before I burn out usually get very depressed and have to walk away and recharge. This means I quit jobs, society, places and relationships if i’m not able to get to recharge point safely. I was fine within a school setting as I used half term holidays and the summer off to recharge but this doesn’t happen within adult life so my mind and body suffer. Are there more of me out there, people who simply can’t fit their circadian rhythms around the office?


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