Faceless people

Empty words.

Broken system

Shattered person.

Tick tock goes the clock

Plenty of time but no money

No time but plenty of money.

It’s ticking down

Human hamsters on a wheel.

Convinced to buy, consume and buy again

Drowning in stuff we don’t need

But missing the memories we do.

Living to work

But forgetting to really live.

Destroying our minds

Neglecting our bodies

For the existence of a paycheck

That brings in enough to survive

On this never ending conveyor belt.

There are no rewards at the end

No medals to say that you’ve won.

Tick tick tock goes the clock

Counting down the days

Until you realise that the

Time you gave up, has run out.

Faceless system,

Shattered words.

Broken people

Empty lives.

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